Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Jan. 17 through 23:

Mercury enters Aquarius this week, it’s the fourth quarter moon, our last week of Capricorn, and Monday is Martin Luther King Jr.’s Remembrance Day. “I have a dream,” he said. “I’ve been to the mountaintop, and I’ve seen the future.” Like Moses, MLK saw the Promised Land but was unable to enter there. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Capricorn, an upstanding disciple, who possessed the courage, vision, insight and steadfast devotion needed to fulfil his task of freeing his people. He was a complex man — exemplifying the scapegoat (Aries) and sacrificial lamb (Pisces) of God, the illumined one (Taurus), and the one-pointed disciples (Sagittarius) with the devoted focus of the unicorn (Capricorn). 

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