OPINION: Ojai attorney tells judge: "City of Ventura smells to high heaven"


The status conference in the Ventura River Watershed Adjudication lawsuit was Monday, April 19, in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
A status conference is a pre-trial hearing to help a judge manage a case.
Those seeking remote audio access to the Monday, April 19, status conference could do so by registering with the court’s new Remote Audio Appearance Program.
To get access, you must register beforehand for each status conference in the case, at https://my.lacourt.org/remoteaudio/welcome.
The case number is 19STCP01176.
For more information on the case, visit the Ventura River Watershed Adjudication website at https://venturariverwatershedadjudication.com.

 By Andrew Whitman

Attorney Andrew Whitman of Ojai filed this brief to Judge William F. Highberger, who is the Los Angeles County Superior Court judge in the city of Ventura water adjudication lawsuit:

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